Brie Larson Shows How to Get Monetized On YouTube Even Before Uploading a Video By Agreeing to Whitewash the Site

Google-owned video website, YouTube has been hit hard by a series of ad-apocalypses which has seen major brands abandon the site following a range of scandals featuring videos featuring racism, sexism, homophobia and almost every nasty element under the sun going viral.

With even more brands including Coca-Cola halting their online advertising in response to the severity of toxicity following the Black Lives Matter protects YouTube has turned to hire Hollywood superhero actress Brie Larson to help ‘whitewash’ the image of the site as the ringleader of her generation.

YouTube made sure Brie’s first video featured female technologists, heterosexual, homosexual, old, young, white, black and Asian.  Every box on the list is ticked.


Brie bravely used her white privilege to discuss her social activism, most notably racism which couldn’t have come at a more convenient time.  However, her activism is unlikely to cover the six million modern-day slaves throughout Africa, because slaves can’t subscriber to her YouTube channel, follow her on Twitter, buy Black Lives Matter merchandise or watch her movies.

Brie is also unlikely to cover how Google tried to help the Chinese government create a search engine or whilst claiming to be feminist both Google and her most prominent employer, Disney pays their female staff less than male staff.

Somewhat unsurprisingly Brie Larson’s account was also verified and monetised before her first video was uploaded.  Anyone who isn’t a white female Hollywood social-activist for feminism when she is promoting a multi-million dollar female superhero movie or promoting racial equality following the highly publicised death of a black man is required to have 1,000 subscribers and wait up to two weeks to get their account verified and monetised.  But if YouTube is paying the content creator to help market their site they will want the site’s algorithm to help the very first video to enter the trending list.

Facebook has also been hit hard with huge brands announcing they are suspending their adverts on the site.  However, it’s much harder for Facebook to create a propaganda video and deliberately help it to go viral across its site.  But YouTube hiring Brie Larson not only helps YouTube to improve its image as a meeting place for uber-cool social justice warriors but also helps Google to improve its branding in China.

According to a report from McKinsey and Company, by 2030, China will become the world’s largest market for autonomous cars, with total revenues expected to exceed $500 billion.  Providing a massive opportunity for Google’s a driverless-car company, Waymo.  So much so Waymo registered a Shanghai subsidiary called Huimo Business Consulting.


When you want to muscle your way into a communist country what better way than to use a comic book movie actress who has featured on the front cover of the Chinese edition of Elle magazine.

Remember, the devil is in the detail and someone at YouTube ensured they used the same font for both Larson’s channel branding and also the YouTube logo in her first video thumbnail.  YouTube was clearly desperate to portray themselves as associated with ‘woke’ Hollywood.  Hiring a black Hollywood actress would have been too obvious and to opportunistic, but allowing Brie to use her white privilege must-have fit their cash-driven agenda. After all, white people make up the biggest consumer spending group so its essential brands can feel they can still target them on YouTube with their ads.

Regardless of what you might think about Brie Larson she certainly didn’t write the script, edit it her own video or even understand how many downvotes the unsufferable video would get.

Good luck with your disingenuous bullshit Brie.