Is Lewis Hamilton Deluded?

So Formula One driver Lewis Hamilton is an awesome driver.  But is he deluded?

Hamilton has worked with Formula One to launch the ‘The Hamilton Commission’ aimed at improving diversity in the motorsport industry. Yet other highly paid sports including soccer, NBA and NFL are heavily represented by black athletes. Therefore, it begs the question of whether black people want to become Formula One drivers.


I’m white and I don’t want to even watch Formula One let alone drive in it and for anyone who thinks the sports industry is racist just look at the highest paid sports people in the world.  I really can’t be bothered to count them from the Forbes report but I would say around 40% are black.  If you’re a black sportsperson you are around three times more likely to be in the top 100 paid athletes in the world. When it comes to the top 28 best basketball 24 of them are black.  How can anyone say that the sports industry is racist?

Lewis Hamilton, he has made many millions of dollars for the owners of his Formula One teams in prize money.  Are you telling met that every other Formula One team is racist and won’t employ another black driver who might be as talented or even more talented than Lewis Hamilton?

Lewis has proven that a black driver can dominate Formula One.  Maybe other black people want to commit their lives to playing basketball because Formula One is flat out boring.