Kanye West Is the Worst Type of Gold Digger

There’s nothing worse than a role model who is prepared to abuse their position in order to grab as much money as possible.  But you can always guarantee someone will stoop so low. Perhaps even a narcissist.

As KFC pointed out Kanye West’s announcement that he will run for President of America is pure nonsense.  It’s just a pathetic attempt to steal attention away from a social movement (Black Lives Matter) trying to improve the lives of a specific race and help Kanye continue selling records.

Ironically, the attention was too much for Kanye during his world tour. Forcing him to cancel halfway through.  Probably because Kanye was doing something normal for a recording artist.  Recording artists produce music in a studio and then go on tour to promote it.  Nowadays however Kanye needs to be doing something ‘dope’ like lying to his fans that he will run for President of America.  Even if it also means making America’s democracy look even more stupid because so many people fell for it.


Cannily Kanye has also recently released new music.  Compared to his only half-decent song, Gold Digger his latest music sounds like trash and rushed together.  Perhaps to cash in on the heightened attention on race relations following the horrific murder of George Floyd.

Beyoncé also released a cash grab of a single on Juneteenth.  Whilst the poorest black people across America are out on the streets protesting and looting, Beyoncé and Kanye sit in their diamond-encrusted mansions scheming up new ways to get publicity.

Not only is Kanye’s latest music terrible it also defends drug dealing. Whether he was seeking to capitalise on more publicity is unclear but the drug dealing epidemic so often glamorised in black music has killed many thousands more people than police brutality ever will.  Neither of them can be excused.

Whilst most people live in fear of dying from coronavirus, some people live in fear of being made irrelevant from its arrival.

Kanye, you have now turned race-baiting into a billion-dollar industry.  You are a bitch!