Black Lives Matter + Fishing = Dangerous Hole

When a leader speaks people know to follow him.  Thankfully, I am not a leader.

I can take you to the edge of hell but I can’t force you to follow me.  I take no responsibility for you following me in.

So most people would think a movement created to bring equality to black people and ‘recreational sport’ of fishing couldn’t be further apart.  But in today’s melting pot of cultural influences, everything is fair game.

The purpose of a logo is to tell a story.  The Black Lives Matter logo is stripped down, visceral and raw.  Using its source material as the literal background for its origins.  For promoting the lives of fish like this shirt available from Amazon. Not so much.


But it is educational.  I had no idea Black Bass existed.  It was either Bass or something else.  But thankfully this post from Reddit celebrated the significance of the black variety.  Whether they taste different is overlooked, but the colour of the fish is clearly what’s important.

Then there’s this treat.  What race invented ironing I wonder but the rest speaks for itself.


Then there’s this humdinger.  It’s an article celebrating Torica Whitty becoming the first African-American female professional angler to compete in the Bassmaster Opens.  All seems reasonable so far but for some inexplicable reason the blog post was tagged under ‘Black Lives Matter’.  Why does someone who has seemingly spent years becoming a professional angler have to be tied to a social movement just because they are the same race?

Is a black professional angler a representation of Black Lives Matter?


But worst of all is an employee of a dolphin and whale conservation organisation virtue singling over how they predicted an uprising against black oppression.  Apparently, the author of the blog post is “perplexed as to why whale research and conservation does not attract a more diverse group of candidates”.  Has she ever wondered that black people don’t want to work in whale and dolphin conservation?  Torica Whitty has proven that black women have an interest in fishing, but maybe black people have no interest in protecting fish.

But I have no idea what this means: