Barstool Sports, What’s With the Love for Brie “Vote Down Queen” Larson?

The Internet lives for voting down YouTube videos featuring Brie Larson but for some inexplicable reason Barstool Sports loves her.  If you search Brie Larson on Barstool Sports you will see the level admiration is out of control compared to what the rest of the Internet thinks about her.

Despite Brie having a failed teenage pop career after trying to convince everyone she is the next Britney Spears, hubbs tries to convince everyone she has the voice of angel.


Brie Larson getting trashed on YouTube is usual.  

And if you think it’s based on sexism just take a look a fellow Marvel female superhero Elizabeth Olsen.  She only receives a handful of down votes compared to Larson.

Larson seems to be as likeable as an old leather shoe with a hole in the sole.  Maybe its because most people see right through her.  When Larson is promoting a female superhero movie she talks about feminism but when the video of a black man being murdered by a white police officer goes viral she decides to make money by being hired by YouTube to make videos about racial equality.

It’s sad to see Barstool Sports backing a fraud but that’s how it goes sometimes.

Sadly, YouTube are also deleting negative comments on her recent video she uploaded to her own account which was miraculously approved and monetised before even uploading the video.  I think the completely inexplicable favouritism needs to end.