Feitelberg, Fake Cancer Claims Is Just the Start for eSports

So Feitelberg reported on gamer Sky Williams who allegedly claimed his Dad had cancer to scam money from his friends to have his wee-willy-winky redesigned.

But here’s the serious part…Playing video games is based on outsmarting the opponent at each and every turn.  Finding weaknesses, exploits and even cheats which becomes so crucial to their success as a gamer it overwhelms their psyche and places the gamer in a constant state of paranoia.  The virtual world which is based on mistrust merges with the living world where exploiting people is seen as a way to advance in life and trusting people leads to failure.

That’s why I’m not surprised Feitelberg wrote a blog post titled “Gamer Sky Williams Allegedly Lied About His Dad Having Cancer To Scam His Friends Out Of Money For A Cosmetic Penis Surgery”.

Just look at EA’s loot boxes, scamming people is ingrained in the culture of gaming.

Professional gamers have also been found to be doing the following:

  • Rigging FIFA qualifying tournaments in private chat rooms
  • Doxxing and swatting opponents
  • Using spies to infiltrate other eSports teams
  • Hiring other pro-gamers to impersonate them in online tournaments
  • Writing cheat codes using keyboard commands
  • Using ADHD drugs including Adderall to boost concentration


FaZe Clan member, Jarvis had a breakdown on camera after being given a lifetime ban by Fortnite game developer, Epic Games for using an aimbot.

Sadly, eSports seems to be full of little bitches.