Did Cockspangler David Beckham Donate His Charity Appearance Fee to Charity?

So I hope I’m wrong on this one, I hope former England international football captain David Beckham wasn’t paid around £20,000 to visit Wolrd War 2 hero and military Captain Tom Moore who has raised an incredible £32,796,357 (as it stands) with David Beckham who is worth an estimated £400 million keeping the appearance fee.
If I am right then that is a terrible shame and it is this sort of cockspangle antics that undermines society and frustrates so many people.
Now, anyone who thinks that David Beckham just thought he would visit Captain Tom Moore to show his appreciation is sadly mistaken and quite honestly deluded.
This video starts with a puff piece on David Beckham’s career as England captain and goes on to discuss Captain Tom Moore’s experiences of raising the money.  Yet the entire video is a public relations exercise for an embattled sports authority.  The England Football Association has been criticised for failing to tackle racism, helping to promote Black Lives Matter who are seen as a divisive group for not denouncing looting and violence, along with the FA’s poor handling of the controversial Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia trying to buy Newcastle United.
This isn’t the first time a cockspangler has profited from charity work.  In 2005, media presenter Terry Wogan who was paid £800,000 a year from his role hosting a BBC Radio 2 show – was paid £9,065 for a days work to present a charitable TV show.  But nowadays it seems almost acceptable to profit large sums of money from charity work.
If you watch the video uploaded to the Football Associations official YouTube channel there is absolutely no mention of the amount of money Captain Tom Moore has raised, how people can donate more money to the campaign and all the Football Association gave to Captain Tom Morre was a framed England shirt.  With David Beckham walking off with somewhere in the region of £20,000.
Not good man, not good.
The video doesn’t even link to Captain Tom Moore’s fundraising page which you can find here: https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/tomswalk Instead, the video links to a ‘Lionhearts’ page on the Football Associations website which is sponsored by a major brand.
Quite a simple and effective way for David Beckham and the Football Association to cash in on the work of World War 2 hero.
If I’m right, David Beckham is not a football hero.  He’s just a shameful cockspangler.