50 Cent Tramples On His ‘Friend’ Will Smith TWICE to Sell Cognac

Whether you like Will Smith or not you have to have some sympathy for him, right?  Afterall he clearly seems to love Jada Pinkett Smith, despite Jada bringing him in front of a camera to make him look like the class clown.  But that’s not the start of it, his friend 50 Cent trampled on him twice to help him promote his cognac.


As Trent pointed out, the situation between Jada and Will Smith is just weird.  But on top of that 50 Cent chimes in and releases the screenshot where he ‘faux digs’ at Will Smith via a DM conversation, embarrassing Will Smith even further.  But 50 Cent is only releasing the conversation to promote his new Cognac.

Now I’m saying Will Smith and 50 Cent are friends because Will Smith warmly greets 50 Cent.  But I doubt Will Smith will be doing that again.

But on top of that 50 Cent jumps on the attention even more to once again trample all over Will Smith by releasing a dubbed video mocking Will Smith.  Which I find ironic considering Will Smith is far more successful than 50 Cent.


August is going to be a dark month for Will Smith.