Female Soccer Players Continue the Selfish and Ineffective Grand Delusion

I have some news for women’s soccer…you are not a charity.  If you cannot pull in your own crowds and generate your own revenue then don’t expect anyone else to fund your sport for you.

This is in response to a pile of trash journalism which is written by a female journalist which has failed to do any form of research and is, conveniently, completely one-sided towards her own gender.

The article is based on female goalkeeper Chloe Morgan who has left Tottenham Hotspur to sign for Crystal Palace and has gone on to criticise Tottenham Hotspur for not providing the women’s team with the same resources as the men’s team and making the women’s team feel like “second-class citizens”

Yet, Morgan claimed that: “Palace have always been a team I have a lot of respect for and I’m looking forward to building on their past success and hopefully making history with the team going forward.”


However, even this first part is complete horse shit.  In 2018, Crystal Palace who lost £33 million that year told the women’s soccer team that each player needed to raise £250 through sponsorship or pay the money themselves.  Does that sound like a soccer club that deserves respect? Now you might be thinking what happened next? Well, Crystal Palance men’s soccer player Wilfried Zaha stepped forward and made an undisclosed donation to the women’s team.  Reported to be around £50,000.

So the club Morgan is going to join is even worse than Tottenham because they expected the female players to get their own sponsorship or to even pay fees to play for the club.  But if you’re self-entitled and you fail to understand even the basics of a free-economy then factors like this are completely overlooked.

But before I continue with this self-entitled pile of trash journalism, I want to give you another example.  Women’s soccer club OL Reign play in a stadium with a capacity of 6,500.  This is the team US Women’s National captain, Megan Rapinoe plays for.  How the fuck can Megan Rapinoe expect to be paid the same as a men’s soccer player who plays in a stadium with a 65,000 capacity is fucking insane.

But getting back to the article in question.   The crux of the matter is crowds are not turning up to watch women’s soccer so can it ever expect to compete with men’s soccer.  In England, the Women’s Super League was pulling in average attendances of 3,401 before the league was cancelled due to the coronavirus pandemic.  Who the fuck do these people think they are expecting to be given the same resources as someone else just because they are different.  That is not equality.  Equality is when you are worth the same in a free economy and you should be rewarded the same.

Instead of attacking men’s soccer, women’s soccer needs to learn from it.  This is was FIFA said they will do.  FIFA have announced they intend to invest $1bn in women’s soccer and focus on creating stars of the game.  Journalists attacking men’s soccer won’t help that process.

But here’s the irony that seriously pisses me off.  The news website that published this pile of trash journalism which attacks men’s soccer uses advertising from gambling on men’s soccer to help pay for the article.  What the fuck are these people thinking?  Not only do they that want soccer clubs like Crystal Palace that lose millions of pounds to fund women’s soccer because they believe they are entitled to it just because they exist but on top of that the media is using advertising revenue from men’s soccer to write articles attacking men’s soccer.  How fucking stupid do these people get!

Thankfully, we do not live in a socialist or communist country.  We live in a country where the market decides what happens.
Alibaba owner and billionaire, Jack Ma donated £145 million to support Chinese women’s soccer.  Either women’s soccer needs to find its own billionaire benefactors or stop whining like a self-entitled soccer player nobody wants to watch play soccer and improve their soccer skills to pull in bigger crowds.

Women’s soccer is not a charity.