The Sports Industry Needs to Support Genuine Black Sporting Idols Like Wilfried Zaha (Colin Kaepernick Can Fuck Off)

Colin Kaepernick is a confusing oddity.  On the 4th July, he Tweeted his rejection of “white supremacy” of Independence Day but has made tens of millions of dollars from companies founded and owned by white people.

If “white supremacy” as Kaepernick is so bad why does Kaepernick take millions of dollars from companies owned by white people?


Why was Denise DeBartolo York, owner of San Francisco 49ers, able to pay him tens of millions of dollars in wages but is treated as an enemy whose views on the Independence of America, Kaepernick rejects?


Following his Tweet rejecting “white supremacy”, why did Kaepernick announce he had signed a contract with Disney.

Why would Kaepernick take money from the “white supremacy” to the point where he is able to afford luxury cars and a mansion?  For me, Kaepernick’s actions and words are completely incongruent and more based on greed than morals.

Instead, we need to ask the question of whether the world needs icons and idols who are at least coherent with their views and understand that the world is far more complex than what they have experienced.

Now I’m not saying that someone can’t challenge the status quo.  But when it comes to taking with one hand and then attacking with the other then it appears nonsensical and incoherent.

I propose the world needs icons who take a balanced approach.  Someone who doesn’t attack an entire race in relation to them personally being attacked.  Someone is prepared to offer solutions, instead of attacking other people by labelling everyone within a race a supremacist.  Many images of Black Lives Matters supporters looting stores and committing arson include white people.  Are they supremacists also?

Every man and his dog has commented on whether Colin Kaepernick is good enough or not to be an NFL quarterback or whether he just wants to make money being a martyr.  So to be honest there is nothing really new for me to add to that debate

Instead, I want to talk about someone who in my opinion takes a far more positive and dignified approach to changing society for the better.

When Wilfried Zaha woke up to a torrent of vile abuse on his phone he dealt with it in a dignified manner because he understood that these attitudes are only held by a minority of people.  He didn’t allow the actions of one person or even one race to consume his life like Colin Kaepernick has.

But this mature and controlled response is entirely reflective of how Zaha conducts himself.  In 2018 his club, Crystal Palace announced losses of £33 million and subsequently told the women’s team that they would need to fund the women’s team themselves.  In response, Zaha who is paid a reported £80,000 a week made a “significant” undisclosed donation to the women’s team.  Reported to be £50,000.

But Zaha’s generosity doesn’t stop there.  Zaha is the co-owner of a London property company and provided free accommodation to hospital workers during the coronavirus outbreak.  Is there any record of Kaepernick using his millions of dollars to improve society?

Zaha’s generosity also came after he received racist abuse back in 2019 via social media.  Showing that he can rise above even the most vile of abuse.


But who does the media choose to dignify as a martyr and who does Disney sign up to a multimillion-dollar contract?  That’s right, Colin Kaepernick.

I suggest the sports industry tries harder to support black athletes like Zaha who offer solutions instead of the vapid, cash-grabbing martyrdom offered by a scumbag like Kaepernick.