Multiple Black Premier League Players Targeted by Racist Abuse

So Jack Mac reported on ‘UK Police Make Arrest Of 12-Year Old Who Sent Racist Messages To Soccer Star Wilfried Zaha On Instagram‘.  But now transpired that three black Premier League players were targeted for racist abuse over the weekend.

In alphabetical order:

Tammy Abraham (Chelsea)


Following a blistering start to the season, Abraham’s career has been seemingly disrupted by the coronavirus lockdown.  Understandable given that Abraham is only 22.  Yet in response to poor performance’s Abraham was made the subject of vile taunts with its name doctored to ‘Apebraham’.


David McGoldrick (Sheffield United)


McGoldrick scored two goals against Chelsea at the weekend in an impressive 3-0 win.  Yet minutes following the result, McGoldrick received a deeply offensive message via social media.


Wilfried Zaha (Crystal Palace)


As reported by Jack Mac the case of Zaha is the most bizarre and disturbing case following the news that 12-year-old was arrested for racially attacking Zaha.  Made even worse considering the abuse was made via Instagram which has a minimum age requirement of 13.


But this is the first time Zaha has received racist abuse via social media.  In 2019 he received a message ‘Such a diving Monkey’.


As Sheffield United have stated, this needs to stop.