Is Brie Larson Brave or Stupid? Or Just a Stone Cold Money Maker

So the results are in and it’s what the world expected.  Following Brie Larson’s hiring by YouTube to help whitewash the site and make her first video monetised before it even went live the Internet has spoken….and it was a resounding disaster.

But this is what I don’t understand.  Brie Larson must have known she was going to get creamed on the downvotes.  108,000 downvotes out of the 1.500.000 views!

Just as we pointed out previously, this isn’t sexist because many of her female colleagues in the Marvel Universe have great reviews for their videos.  So what is it, what is it people dislike about Brie Larson so much that she receives so many downvotes on YouTube?

For me, it’s because she was conveniently a feminist when promoting a movie based on a feminist character and when racial issues rise to the surface again she conveniently makes a video trying to discuss racial equality.

You can’t hop, skip and jump across important social issues as and when you feel like it and expect to be taken seriously.

Is Brie Larson brave or stupid?  Or is more like the ‘I’ll sell my soul for money’ realm.

Either way, it’s not going down well on the Interwebs and nor should it.