Are AFTV a Bunch of Bellends?

So let me introduce you to AFTV if you haven’t heard of them already.  Originally called Arsenal Fan TV, it is a group of Arsenal fans led by Robbie Lyle who started a YouTube channel in 2012 and has since grown into a hugely successful channel with 1.2 million subscribers.  But that is where the fun stops.

Whilst recording a documentary for ITV Lyle (left) claimed that for West Ham hooligan gang leader Cass Pennant was a “legend”.  Yet, in 1982 Pennant and his hooligan gang stabbed to death an Arsenal fan.  Only a prick would refer to someone who led a hooligan responsible for someone’s death, let alone of your own fans.  Clearly AFTV are now more interested in clout than sport.

Following that AFTV released a YouTube video of fans going nuts on an underground train in France with many of the fans using racist and foul language in front of frightened women and children.  Not an adult thing to do.

But this time they have made it clear they are not genuine football fans.  Whilst providing live commentary to Tottenham v Arsenal one of the shows presenters, Claude Callegari, made the remark ‘DVD’s are going off’ following the substitution of South Korea winger, Son Heung-min.


The term ‘DVD’ is derogatory term targeted at Asian people.

If they make racist ‘mistakes’ they could at least own up to it and apologise.  Football in England doesn’t need to glorify hooligans who have murdered people or target professional athletes with racism.

Without question…a bunch of bellends.

Thankfully, fans from Arsenal are already turning against them with graffiti appearing around the Arsenal stadium.