New York Times Helped Ghostbusters Shit on Cinema Screens 4 Years Ago Today

So as Joey pointed out Stranger Things was released 4 years ago today.  But so did Ghostbusters.

The whole sorry mess has gone down as a cinematic disaster that only women with purple hair and anger management issues enjoy watching.


But the worst part of it was the New York Times simping all over a classic franchise just because it featured women.

We’ll start with this wank shall we…

No one performance dominates the new “Ghostbusters,” which is for the most part democratically comic (a Paul Feig signature), although Kate McKinnon’s magnificent, eccentric turn comes close.

Hold on, one minute McKinnon is the best actress but now its McCarthy and Wiig.  That’s handy.

what the new movie stars four women is a kind of gimmick, of course, but it’s one that the filmmakers and the excellent cast deepen with real comedy chemistry and emotionally fleshed-out performances, particularly from Ms. McCarthy and Ms. Wiig, who are playing old-friends-turned-sort-of foes who need to work some stuff out.

And this cherry pie…

it sure feels as if Mr. Feig and his team are blowing gleeful raspberries at the project’s early sexist attackers.

That wasn’t raspberries, that was fans shitting on a sequel.

But wait, someone forgot 1980 and Airplane happened…

Now, if we could just get women and men to be funny together, that would be revolutionary.

Fuck off film.