Kanye West is Douching All the Way to the Bank

Clem is sad to see Kayne West back down from his two-week bid to run for President of Ameria.

Kanye West knows his musical talent has gone and has nothing else interesting to say to get attention when race riots are taking place.  So the last desperate bid to help sell his latest music is to spend two weeks trying to convince people he is going to run for the White House.

But when these tactics have made you $1.2 billion dollars then why not continue? If it works, rinse and repeat right?

Except making American democracy looks stupid to people around the world just to sell even more drivel surely isn’t the answer.


If the self-entitled wank wizard had genuine musical talent he wouldn’t need to move attention away from a social movement by claiming he was running for President for two weeks.

Kanye West donated $2 million to the George Floyd campaign, for a rapper worth  $1.2 billion that has to be a sound investment.