No Police, No Pro Sport!

Okay, okay.  Keep your political views aside but as an adult we need to recognise and value our police or our society will suffer, including the hosting of major sporting events.

Without police inside a stadium, it’s not just violence that is at risk of breaking out but also verbal abuse.  Taking sport back to the days when crowds used to throw darts at one another…but without police it will be even worse.  The looting, rioting and shooting taking place on the streets will spread throughout stadiums.

Of course, you’re entitled to think what you want but if you’re against supporting the police providing safe environments for sport then you can take your dick out and helicopter that manky piece of shit for all I care.


Whilst the stadium event may be safe, what about back home whilst family members are at the match.  Whilst the man of the house is at a pro sports event what about the wife and children at home on their own.  Without the police are they safe?

You might think I’m being sexist or some sort of ism but I don’t care…I’m being practical.

Sports clubs pay for policing but do you think the police are going to pop out of the woodwork every other Saturday and sit at home until the next home match.  We need police constantly.

Without the police, every aspect of society will suffer…including sport.