Just In Case You Didn’t Know Brie Larson Is a “She/Her” Guess It Makes Perfect Sense

Do you ever feel like you’re living in a world that doesn’t respect you as an adult and treats you as if you’re eight years old?  Well seeing a Tweet from Blue Checkmark Brie Larson was one of those experiences.

Now I’m sure its just a coincidence that she is helping a Los Angeles based arts activity centre instead of a ‘flyover state’.  But why the fuck does she feel compelled to tell me her gender.

Should I donate to a charity differently because it’s presented by a woman?  Am I not able to identify peoples gender when they are a Hollywood actress and front a female comic book superhero?


But I’m assuming someone did.  Why else would she put her pronouns after her name?

This must be it, she was buying a coffee and someone said “Hey man, I’ve seen you in your movies.  You’re tight, you’re definitely going to win an Oscar for best male actor”

So Brie heard those two words and thought, you know what.  “Hold my beer, I need to clarify to the general public what my gender is”

Yes, that is how it went down.


Either that or she is desperate to fit in the blue check pronoun brigade.

After all, no one can be that stupid right to get her gender wrong, right?

But what I else don’t get is why some loony tune needed to ask if she had eaten today.  Are people on social media crawling up the Hollywood blue checkmark brigades asses so much they need to remind them to eat?


So if you need to be reminded to eat just become a Hollywood blue checkmark and you’ll be fine.