Will Hooliganz Take Up With Beckham’s New Business? They Should Do!

Okay, we get it, eSports is going to be huge.  But finding the best talent is going to tough with so many teams sprouting up on a daily basis.

This is where David Beckham steps in with his investment in Guild eSports.  A training academy platform for prospective pro-gamers.

Hooliganz will be able to use the service to create its own tournaments and scouting network.  Bringing traffic to both Hooliganz and Barstool Sports.


To begin with, Guild will operate in FIFA, Fortnite, and Rocket League.

But only a matter of time until they expand into Call of Duty.  Allowing Hooliganz to use to the scale of Barstool to hoover up talent, providing them with excellent career prospects and media empire which promote them to every sport imaginable.

Get all over it Hooliganz!