Jeff Bezos to Washington Post Editor “Kill those motherfuckers and blame it on Trump. Billions of dollars are at stake here.”

So here’s the situation.

Over the last few years, Donald Trump has heavily criticised Amazon.  Claiming they destroy jobs and scam the U.S. Post Office.


Both Amazon and Microsoft bid for a government contract for a cloud computing service dubbed the ‘JEDI Contract’…worth an eye-watering $10 billion.

No prizes for guessing who won the contract and also heavily dented Amazon’s chances of securing future contracts with the government.

Yet Amazon owner Jeff Bezos didn’t take the rejection lying down.  In February, Amazon demanded that Trump testify on just how much he hates Jeff Bezos and the $10 billion contract rejection was for personal reasons instead of the quality of Amazon’s cloud computing services.

But where do the Washington Redskins come into this? Trump, of course, defended the use of the name Washington Redskins (and the Cleveland Indians)

So where does Bezos come into this?  He, of course, owns the Washington Post.

Hopefully, the case of $10 billion doesn’t come in the way of the Washingon Post’s coverage of the story surrounding women working at an NFL team.