Why Is Pat McAfee Echoing Crap on This One?

So I like Pat McAfee but this is dreadful sports journalism and I think it should just be put down as a mistake.

So when it is revealed that the Washington Post had a some major dirt on the Washington TBD, McAfee went on the Internet and suckered up the most bizarre rumour imaginable and dumped it all over his podcast as if it was a legitimate rumour.

McAfee told his audience that Washington TBD might have been paying off referees, or bribing them.

But this is completely bullshit….the Redskins were 3-13 last season,

Have you heard anything as ridiculous.  Do you think any NFL team would bribe referees and still finish 3 for 13.  Just dumb.

The argument about the NBA referee Tim Donaghy also doesn’t make sense because they claim that gambling was around when Donaghy was arrested.  But gambling was widespread across Europe.  Albeit today, illegal gambling in Asia is a TRILLION dollar industry.  A match-fixing group could have easily cashed in with gambling from outside U.S.

Nothing from this video makes sense.