Davey Day Trader Is a Snapshot of the American Dream…Grow Up Bitches

There’s a very small group of dumbass self-entitled fuckwits in the Official Barstool Sports Reddit Group complaining that Dave’s day trading content is boring.

Hold on, Dave is on the phone right now….”okay so the Royal Rumble is on at 5PM and the Super Bowl kicks off at 7.  But that only leaves us a few hours to let everyone know”

What the fuck do you expect him to do?

Maybe he can grow a tail and a horn and prance around like a unicorn and then sprout some wings and learn to fly.


What the mother fucking hell do you expect him to do?

What you’re watching is the American Dream in real life.  You self-entitled bitches.

There is a global pandemic going around…what you’re watching is someone trying to make money to pay his staffs wages….that is the American Dream.

Do you think it’s fucking easy?

Life isn’t a theme park all time.