SJW Pop Music is as Bad as You Think It is (Black Hole)

So this might a black hole that you struggle to get out of it.  At the bottom of this blog post is a pop song put together by YouTuber Kelsey Ellison who ‘shot to fame’ by making videos of herself as a dancing Hermione Granger from Harry Potter.

But the people performing the song appear to shout about their defiance of being different, unique and ‘rule breakers’.  Yet Boy George was doing this shit 30 years ago and actually had some talent.

So yes I said it was a black hole.

Boy George has said he would like Sophie Turner to play him in a movie biopic and Sophie Turner has said she would be interested in playing the role.


Still with me? I doubt it.

Anyway, this SJW pop music is shit and is just a pale imitation of what Boy George was going 30-years ago.  I don’t get it.