Even Face Masks Trigger Some People

So a quick round of the controversy surrounding some sports pro’s wearing masks.

First, is Clint Frazer who as hubbs at Barstool got ribbed for wearing a mask.  Frazier received flack on social media for saying he would wear a face mask but insists he will still wear one.


Next up is James Harden who was pictured who a ‘Blue Line’ mask which are designed to show support to America’s police force.

Harden went onto say… “Masks that I’ve worn before kind of stopped right here (points at chin). It was just something to cover my whole beard. I thought it looked cool. That’s it.”

Someone at Houston Rockets is going to get a word in the ear for not ‘warning’ Harden that he was showing support to the police of America.

Finally is Chelsea Handler who used face masks as a bra.

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Wear a mask!

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