The Cackletic / Bloomberg Partnership Hypocrisy Needs Calling Out

If you haven’t heard of The Atheltic it’s an online subscription-based news portal for in-depth sports news.  Sounds good so far, right?


However, following the death of George Floyd, the site has decided to ‘go woke’.  Now I’m not saying that its a bad thing.  As the news stories covering Black Lives Matter started to emerge in my Facebook feed I chose to ignore them. Until this pile of dog shit turned up…


The video is a partnership between The Athletic and Bloomberg which explains why the Washington Redskins should change their name because it is racist towards Native American’s.

However, this is where the complete bullshit comes in.  Michael Bloomberg who co-founded Bloomberg is a fan of communist China and even stated that Xi Jinping is not a dictator.  “He has to satisfy his constituents”.

Have you ever heard of so much bull crap in you’re life?  Wank face Bloomberg didn’t even answer the question.  He was asked about pollution in China but then claimed that China is moving coal power stations away from cities.  That might be true but it doesn’t stop the pollution reaching the atmosphere.  That’s how much Bloomberg loves communists.  He can’t even answer a simple question without twisting it.

How can Xi Jinping answer to his constituency when they can’t even vote, Michael Bloomberg you complete prick.

China is also detaining hundreds of thousands of Uighur Muslims across the country and keeping them in concentration camps where they are forcibly sterilised and even their organs harvested.


You notice in this photo above how their heads are shaved.  That’s because the Chinese government shaved their hair off and tried to sell around the world like these products intercepted by American customs a few days ago.


So whilst the Cackletic is taking part in videos trying to defend the racist victimisation of Native American’s, their business partner is cosying up to a bunch of communists who terrorise Muslims.  So who are the racist people? The Washinton Redskins which is just a sports team or The Athletic who are working with communist sympathisers to terrorise Muslims?

Fuck off Micheal Bloomberg.  Fuck off The Athletic.