When Will the “Would You Date a Stripper” Debate Come Back?

So we know what’s going on.  I don’t need to tell you.

A lot of young women in need of cash are out there choosing their stage name ready for the strip clubs to re-open. Also hoping that they don’t have vertigo.  Frothing at the mouth to start celebrating life with their ass.

But where there’s women, there’s opportunity.  Yes, there’s a lot of stigma surrounding strippers.  The whole ‘daddy issue’ thing.  That sense of abandonment by young women who struggle to trust men and end up viewing men as an object for them to exploit.  Just ask Theo Von, a stripper stole his vacuum.


No one likes a vacuum stealer.  Not even a stripper vacuum stealer.

But we need to know when normality will return and what the ‘new normal’ looks like when it comes to strippers.  But the thing is strippers are going to go back to their ‘old ways’.

You see recently strippers wanted a ‘voice’ and there were apparently ‘ethical strippers’ who wrote books and held stigma classes for strip club patrons to better understand the needs of a stripper.


Yeah, that’s all shit now!

Just look at the streets with the protests and riots.  Imagine all that angst bottled up and released in a strip club.  It’s going to get messy.

This current class of young women needing to get some cash and hordes of men looking for that fantasy girlfriend is not going to end well for a lot of men. Even for a male stripper and a female stripper looking to hook up it’s not going to end well.  Male strippers are notorious for stealing girls money and with more women becoming feminists they are only going to fight back and not let anything stop them from making that cheddar.

Emergency rooms across the country you’ve been warned!

The truth is, strippers are going to be laser-focused on cash, cash, cash.


Sadly, it will be a long time until the “Would you date a stripper?” debate comes back.  The only question will be is “Bitch where’s my credit card at?”.