Is Kanye West Running Scared of KSI?

So I think we can all agree that Kanye West is a gimp wizard who will do anything to remain relevant.

But where does KSI come into this?  Apart from having a prick of a brother who plays a charity soccer match in a cap and shades and buys fake YouTube subscribers, KSI does have a genuine passion for sport which of course is the first and only prerequisite needed to be socially acceptable.


But more importantly KSI has the top selling debut studio so far this year in the UK.  Quite an achievement for a YouTuber.  Now considering Kanye lost all his ‘talent’ many years ago and only makes good music when he samples other people, what about KSI?

Kanye is clearly feeling the pressure of his career being replaced by a young buck.  How low will he go to sell his album?