Deadspin Wank ‘Journalism’ Is Wank

Let me be clear.  Each of these points might appear minor and petty but combine them together and the article from Deadspin on their website is a complete tidal wave of bullshit fuckery that needs to be called out.  It’s wank.


The article is called Leeds United Are Finally Back Where They Belong and covers the promotion of Leeds United to the Premier League following 16-years outside of the league.

Firstly, lets start with the entire premise of the article:

“Leeds United Are Finally Back Where They Belong”

Fuck off, no team ‘belongs’ in the Premier League.  It is this sense of entitlement that pisses off soccer fans.  You earn it, bitch.  Seriously.  How the fuck can a sports journalist not understand the culture of English football.  Yes, Leeds United are a large club with a strong history but they don’t belong in the Premier League more than any other team.  The article discusses how the club massively overspent and went bankrupt.  Just because a club overspends and takes 16-years to recover does that mean they deserve to be in the Premier League?  Just fuck off.

“They were a power. They fielded one of the most exciting, young teams the Premier League has seen.”

Once again, fuck off.  the Premier League was just a rebranding of the English Championship.  What is It the journalist who wrote pile of cack doesn’t understand? The article has absolutely no mention of the clubs league success.  The article references Sunderland who has won the top league title six times in their history.  Once again, Leeds don’t belong in the top title because they overspent by tens of millions of pounds.  Just fuck off.

“Sunderland never developed a world-class player like Rio Ferdinand who would backstop Manchester United’s last reign of dominance. Leeds did”

This is getting tiresome.  The entire premise of this article doesn’t make any sense.  Leeds United did not develop Rio Ferdinand, they signed him from West Ham for £22m in 2000 and he only spent two seasons at Leeds United.  To give credit for Leeds for developing a world class player over two seasons when they paid £22m for a player in 2000 is insane.  £22m in 2000 is a huge amount of money.  He was well on his way to being a world class player, yet this article with complete fuckery heaps all the praise on Leeds United.  It’s like claiming the first person who got off a transatlantic plane in America discovered America.  Just fuck off.

“Pretty much the entire roster was stripped.”

Now this one might be petty but it speaks of the complete ignorance of this article.  English football clubs have squads, they don’t have rosters.  It may sound petty but if you’re going to ignore a clubs title history before the Premier League was launched just 20 years ago and then claim a club should be in the Premier League because they overspent then you clearly don’t understand the basics of English football and you shouldn’t be covering it.  That’s right, fuck off.

“no less a troika than Pep Guardiola, Mauricio Pochettino, and Diego Simeone, three of the ten best managers in the world. “

Fucking hell.  Mauricio Pochettino hasn’t won a trophy throughout his managerial career.  How can someone who hasn’t won a trophy as a manager be considered one of the ten best managers in the world.  This is some laughable shit. Fuck off.

“he has basically admitted to spying on other teams, while not needing to”

What clown wrote this shit.  So this covers Leeds United’s manager, Marcelo Biesla who was forced to admit in a press conference that the club spies on other teams.  The reason Bielsa had to admit it was because the guy doing the spying was arrest by the police.  How in blazes is a club who’s staff are arrested spying outside their opponents training facility not need to admit to spying.


Holy shit, who makes this stuff up? Oh that’s right, Deadspin.

Seriously, was this article paid for by Leeds United? 

Fuck off Deadspin, you bunch of clowns.