Would the New York Times Dox Dave Portnoy?

Two articles about Dave Portnoy in one day is unusual.  But first time for everything.  But would the New York Times be prepared to dox the owner of a sports blog?

I want to raise this question because a prominent TV news anchor, who will remain unnamed, has accused the New York Times of arranging to dox his family home.  Including assigning a journalist and a photographer to produce the article.

The TV news anchor claims that the New York Times is arranging to dox him because the New York Times disagrees with his politics.


This is would be the second time that the news anchor has been doxed.  The first occasions saw his family home attacked and he, along with his family, was forced to move.

Now if the second doxing of the news anchor by the New York Times is ‘successful’ then it suggests it will become a tool of harassment that the Times newspaper will use more readily to anyone in the New York area who they disagree with.

Makes you wonder.