Former Glamour Model Bankrupt on £45,000 a Month and Owns a £1.35 Million Mansion

So former glamour Katie Price was literally huge twenty years ago and is still very popular.  She has made an estimated £40 million from her work.  But now Price claims to have “lost everything” despite still owning a £1.35 million mansion outright whilst renting elsewhere and still earns £45,000 from a range of branded beauty products, her fashion line along with a range of best selling books that have flooded the market.  She also appears on chat shows and reality TV shows from time to time.


Price also has a ‘link’ to sport.  She has an 18-year old son, Harvey, with former Manchester United striker, Dwight Yorke.


Harvey, who won’t be pictured, was born with partial blindness and Prader-Willi syndrome.  Harvey has long been a target for paparazzi and tabloid rags and is often exploited by the media to sell newspapers.

But it still bemuses me how someone can be bankrupt whilst owning a £1.35 million mansion and an income of £45,000 a month.  Along with earning £40 million.