Kanye West Just Has Serious Issues With ‘Strong’ Women

Whilst the debate of whether Kanye West is having a breakdown or just trying to promote his new album rages on lets look at the real issue.

Kanye West has an issue with ‘strong’ women.  And this is coming from a men.

it’s so obvious.

Overnight Kanye tweeted more garbled nonsense:


But let’s look into it:

He met Kim Kardashian when she was a reality TV star following the release of a sex tape.  Now she is qualified lawyer things are falling apart.  Kanye has also been accused of controlling what Kim wears including raiding her closets and throwing out clothes he disapproves of.

Kanye has referred to his mother-in-law as ‘Kris Jung Un’ and a white supremacist.  Kris is known for being outspoken and successful businesswoman.

During the launch of his Presidential campaign Kayne claimed that Harriet Tubman rescued black slaves only to transfer them to other white slave owners.

You can also look into his lyrics such as referred to women as “gold diggers” and “hoe’s”

The mental help Kanye needs should start with his views towards women.

Maybe the prick needs to show an interest in sport instead of making songs attacking women.