Deadspin Health Warning

I don’t know whether Deadspin see themselves as the emo’s of sports journalist and think its cool and edgy to be miserable and depressing all the time but fucking hell are they a bunch of miserable fucknoids.


As Much as I Miss Baseball, This Fanless, Pandemic Opener Leaves Me With an Emply Feeling

Even the itle of this pile of crap makes your skin crawl.

To try and explain why they have ignored the deaths of over 600,000 people, the shit for brain ‘sport commentators’ open up by babbling on about how some baseball teams merged during World War 2 in order to continue playing.

Is that meant to be some form of excuse as to why Deadspin think these completely unprecedented times have been handled badly? How many people need to die before Deadspin actually start showing some respect to those that have died and their families instead of whinging like bitches?

For fuck sake this crap can’t be real.

“It’s hard to get excited about baseball right now, period.”

That’s probably because over 600,000 have died from a highly contagious virus and the world economy has been turned upside down.  You fucking idiots.

As you read this disturbing pile of wretched shit you can tell these people don’t actually care about sport.

The reason why you might be asking? Because sport is about fans.  The millions of sports fans who make any sporting event  matter.  Yet this article doesn’t offer any form of solidarity towards how coronavirus has affected fans.  How it’s disrupted their lives or may even put them in hospital with serious health issues including respritory problems.  How millions of people will be excited to see the return of professional sport.  In a safe and controlled environment.   About as safe as hundreds of people packing a supermarket that takes place around the world every second of everyday.

Yet instead these fuckturds who claim to like sport just use professional sport to attack society.  Seriously, who reads this shit and finds it useful or informative?

I’m not actually sure I want to know.

So baseball is back and its a positive sign that it should be celebrated.  Yet all the scumshits at Deadspin can do is to whine like little bitches.

This article is also completely unpatriotic.  It claims that the baseball teams are wrong to travel around the country but it can be explained because “this is America”

“anything other than unnecessary and negligent is confounding until you remember that this is America”

Professional sport restarted in some countries over two months ago – when they still had deaths.  English Premier league teams have been traversing the country for almost six weeks and there has been no distruption from coronavirus so to suggest professional sport is a threat to society yet ignoring other activities that take place is penile and is just using baseball to get attention. Not celebrating it.

Instead of offering any form of useful information on the current state of professional sport.   Have the fuckturds at Deadspin ever thought that the continuing spread of coronavirus across America is down to other events such as people looting, committing arson or violent gangs killing one another whilst professional sport tries to offer rest bite to peoples problems whilst following strict health protocols and thorough test.

Fuck off Deapspin.

This article is just packed with aimless crap that be applied to any form of activity.

Yesterday Dave Chapelle flew across country to meet with Kanye West.  A few days previously Kanye West held a rally in small conference room.  Did that not spreads coronavirus?

What is the actual point of this article?

Nothing.  There is absolutely nothing of value in this article whatsoever other than a total disregard for baseball fans and the disruption the coronavirus has had their lives.