Just What Sport Doesn’t Need

So Leeds United have been promoted back to the Premiership from the Championship for the first time in 16 years.


I am struggling to come up with the words to explain how shocking this photo is.

As England has slowly lifted from its lockdown the city of Leicester was kept under lockdown due to its remaining high rates of coronavirus.  The reason behind the isolated lockdown was put down to its large population of immigrants who were not abiding by the lockdown guidelines and spreading the virus between people by visiting each others homes.

Yet this photo shows an open top boss ride of Leeds United.  Truly shocking.  The owners of the Leeds United and the bus company should fined, heavily.

Leeds City Council had pleaded with people to stay away so surely have to report the club to the police and rightly so.

Liverpool, who actually won the Premier League and the top league in the country built a platform within the empty stadium to lift the trophy and did the complete opposite to Leeds United.  They encouraged people to stay at home.


Now, if the Football Association had any common sense they would have held both matches on separate nights.  After all, they not even in the same leagues and made sure people could watch the trophies being lifted via TV and streaming.

But the aside, why Leeds United are having an open top bus parade just to lift the Championship during a pandemic is laughable, embarrassing and shocking.