5 Ways to Get a ZuckButt!

The entire world has seen this picture of Mark Zuckerberg looking like a weirdo on an electric surfboard.


But some people, including Gay Pat, also noticed something else….The ZuckButt


But it begs the question how do you get a ZuckButt?  Well here are 5 ways you to can get a ZuckButt!

1# Yoga

Turns out there’s hundreds of different positions that can help turn that sag into bag


2# Resistance Bands

Apparently effective but you need to remember to increasing the strength of the bands as your bum muscles up,


3# Cheat

What the fuck is this!


4# Weightlift

As far I can make out, weightlifting provides a great way to tone every single area of your body.  Including your butt.


5# Bum Toning Machine

So we’ve all seen the six-pack toning machines, well you can now get one for your butt.  It also comes with a wireless controller!


So there we are, five ways to get a ZucButt!

How not to get a ZuckButt…do push up with your daughter strapped to your back.  That’s just weird.