DeadSpin = Delusional Idiots Who Hate the Police

Just when you think the clowns at Deadspin couldn’t stoop any lower, they have published a completely one-sided article attacking the police of America.

D.C. Protestors Turn to ‘Midnight Yoga’ to Cope With Police

It’s based on protestors who are using yoga as early as 2 AM in the morning to overcome ‘police brutality’.  But let’s look at the other side, let’s view things from the eyes of the law.

So this is the video of young toddlers, around two-years old being force to carry banners that read ‘Fuck the Police’ and then being encouraged by their parents to shout out those words.

But this is just the top of the ice berg.

  • In 2016, a Black Lives Matter supporter shot and killed five police officers in cold blood.
  • In Seattle, an ‘Autonomous Zone’ was created in which three people were murdered in less than two weeks along with reports of thefts, assaults, rapes and businesses being targeted for blackmail which the police were unable to attend to and the perpetrators escaping and form of justice.
  • Minneapolis voted to defund the police and then requested $500m in federal aid to rebuild the city following rioting, looting and arson.

The video below shows the D.C police taking down and frankly destroying a food stall for protestors.  If Deadspin didn’t have shit for brains they would realise the D.C. police don’t want to see a repeat of the Autonomous Zone in Seattle which saw people being killed.

The constitution says ‘peaceably protest’.  It begs the question why a food stand is open during the night for protestors when the people around the protest area want to sleep and live their democratic lives without being disturbed by protestors.

Let me repeat, the constitution says ‘peaceably protest’ but this video shows a group of police officers being attacked with bottles, stones and other debris. Are these people protestors or rioters.  Just look at the constitution of America and it will give you the answer.

2017 saw many thousands of people peaceably protesting across D.C with the police simply standing by and watching.  But what the stupid fuckturds at Deadspin don’t realise is when protests turn violent with people being killed the police have no option but to fight back to protect innocent people


Fuck off Deadspin.