A Reflection on the Interview With the President

So it may seem like I’m sitting on the fence but the truth is whether you agree or disagree with Dave Portnoy interviewing the President of America both sides are correct.

You see, America is a democracy and everyone’s opinion is equal, just different.

The owner of a sports blog interviewing the President of America is completely legal and communication should be encouraged.

From my point of view, it was interesting to have more of a discussion surrounding Donald Trump’s view on professional athletes kneeling during the national anthem.  To my knowledge, the only coverage this receives is from Trump sharing his opinion on Twitter.

Do we really want to get our political information from Twitter or from interviews?


Again, whether you disagree with Dave interviewing the President, that is completely fine.  We live in a democracy and everyone’s opinion is equal.

But I want to reemphasise what Dave said at the beginning of the interview and what has been overlooked.  Dave made an issue of pointing out that this was his first political interview.

Political journalists have years of training before they meet people like the President.  But that doesn’t mean to say someone who runs a sports media company can’t interview the President.

There’s no right or wrong answer because we live in a democracy.  No one is dictating to you that you have to agree with the interview.