DeadSpin Dipshit Pits Christian Baseball Players Against One Another

So following criticism from DeadSpin readers via Twitter and via this blog.  The fuckturd writer at DeadSpin who wrote an article about how Black Lives Matter are not against families when their website says:

““We disrupt the Western-prescribed nuclear family structure requirement by supporting each other as extended families and ‘villages’

Also claiming that Black Lives Matter is not Marxist even though one of their co-founders admitted to being a “trained Marxist” in a video.  The ‘journalist’ has now published another load of wanktoss entitled:

Adam Wainwright: My Job as a Christian is to Love My Neighbor and Love My Teammates

In which the DeadSpin dipshit bravely and heroically pits the actions of one Christian against another.  As if the dipshit is the one who passes judgement on how Christian’ should behave.

You see the dipshit at DeadSpin not only sees himself as a talented sports journalist but also as leader of the Christian church who is in a position to pass judgement on whether the actions of a Christian should be deemed as ‘valid’:

“that does not mean he has freedom from criticism, nor does it mean that if his explanation is full of holes, it must be accepted as valid.”

Do we ever need a world in which a sports journalist thinks he can prescribe and diagnose the actions of a Christian and decide whether they are ‘valid’ or not?

The DeadSpin dipshit also praised Christian pro-baseball player Adam Wainwright who wore a Black Lives Matter t-shirt.  Again, because the DeadSpin dipshit thinks he is in a position to pass judgement over someones actions driven by their religion!

Considering just today a black man was shot dead after appearing on TV with a placard supporting the President of America it’s about time we stopped judging people on their Christian beliefs and American values and just let baseball players stick to what they do best.

Fuck off DeapSpin.