Championship Sunday, Sensible Money

So today is ‘Championship Sunday’.  A day when the fate of three Premier League teams will be decided with two of them being relegated to the Championship.  With Aston Villa getting an unlikely win at Arsenal on Tuesday they are now in 17th place, level on points Watford with 34 points and only 1 goal separating them.  With Bournemouth on the same goal difference as Watford, -27 but on three fewer points.


The truth is its incredibly difficult to call but you would have to say out of the fixtures on the final day of the season you would have to say Aston Villa are most likely to pick up a win away to West Ham but I still wouldn’t put it past Bournemouth to pick up a win and survive on goal difference with three teams each finishing on 34 points.  The only thing we can say is that it will be incredibly intense.

Arsenal v Watford

Everton v Bournemouth

West Ham v Aston Villa

But if you want to make some money the obvious thing is to follow the sure-fire hits from today’s soccer:

Juventus v Sampdoria

Man City v Norwich

Newcastle v Liverpool

You’ll just about double your money on Juventus, Man City and Liverpool.

Avoid getting drawn into the unpredictability of survival matches where players can lose their heads and get a rash sending off.  Play it safe and sensible to make a profit.