Lebron James Is an Idiot Once Again

Imagine a world where someone could burgle your house, steal your car, steal money from your bank or do whatever they want but still get to vote without paying their court fees.

Pretty crappy world isn’t it?

But that is the world LeBron James wants to build.  Because LeBron has announced he is donating $100,000 to an organisation which pays off the court fees of felons which gives back voting their rights.

Unless it was against LeBron of course.

If someone broke into LeBron’s home or stole money from his account would he want them to have the same voting rights as you and I?


This article from the dipshits at Deadspin points out that:

“According to a study, 775,000 Florida citizens with a felony record have debts that thwart them from voting. Many of these Floridians are people of color.”

Pretty fucking simple answer to this then isn’t there.  Don’t commit crimes and get a felony record.  Fucking simple when someone with brain cells thinks about it.


Let’s say someone broke into the home of a DeadSpin ‘journalist’.  Do you think that journalist would want the perpetrator of the crime to still be able to vote without at least paying their court fees?

You can smell the hypocrisy of LeBron and his band of asslicking journalists through your screen.

Now I’m not saying that someone should be excluded from society or voting once they are a felon.  In fact quite the opposite, if we build a world in which people can escape punishment for commiting a crime then what are people going to do?  Commit more crime.

But because LeBron appears to think that its okay for someone to commit a crime and not face justice then its a good job him and his cronies aren’t making these decisions.

There’s enough crime as it is.  But it’s quite clear that $100,000 is a small price to pay for LeBron to portray himself as a superhero to a bunch of criminals who haven’t repaid their debt to soceity.