Does Joe Rogan Have A Point Over Video Games?

As Jack Mac covered, Joe Rogan is receiving a battering over his views towards video games and how they are a waste of time.

But the truth is this is complex subject.  Just look at the ‘brain training’ games that sold in their millions but were then debunked as being a waste of time.  If games are educational then how did people get by and build amazing of feats of engineering before the Atari existed.

The only ‘real world’ use for games is simulation.  Formula One drivers use them to learn race tracks and pilots start off on Microsoft Flight Simulator.  But anyone interested in the subject should take note of China who have limited the amount of time under-18s can play video games to 90 minutes a day during the week and three hours on the weekends.

Why be so draconian? Firstly, that’s how China works but secondly the country was concerned it was damaging children’s education and prevent the dictatorship creating a workforce that can outperform the rest of the world, including China.

But on the other hand there are communities of people forming around computer games.  Each finding like-minded people and finding networks they wouldn’t otherwise find.  But on the other hand, some of these communities turn nasty with online bullying running rampant online.

Whatever your views are the computer game industry shouldn’t taken advantage of people.  Most notably, EA have been accused of using loot boxes and on packs which force people to spend up to $600 to get the full release of a game.

Just like anything, video gaming needs to be a fun and enjoyable experience.  Some people get so addicted to games they lose their jobs, fall asleep at the wheel whilst driving to work after all nightery playing games or even die from staying up playing games so long.  The NHS in England has launched its first video game addiction clinic which tells you something about how bad this issue can get.

There’s also ‘Uzi’, a Chinese video gamer who has been forced to retire from gaming following nerve damage to his arms.  It can’t be healthy playing games hours on end!


There is no right or wrong answer on this subject but I think we should respect that Rogan is speaking from his experience.  His career has blown up in recent years, I doubt that would happen if he was playing video games 12 hours a day.