Let’s Buy Kirk Minihane a Get Well Gift

Let me start by explaining that I am not a psychologist and nor I am claiming to be one. So I don’t understand how depression should be treated effectively.

I’m also going to point out that I haven’t listened to many of Kirk’s podcasts.  I have watched around a dozen YouTube videos but I can tell that Kirk is a man who has lived a life and come out of it as a wise man, a sage if you will.  Someone who understands how naive most people are, especially amongst young people.

Now I’m not going to comment on the inner workings of Barstool Sports because I don’t know the details and I’m not going to throw mud at people without them being able to reply.  I notice that Kirk always wanted people to be able to respond, regardless of how ridiculous they were being.

Instead, I’m going to use Portland as an example.  Huge media organisations who want to remain on the right side of their shareholder’s profit portfolio are referring to young people trying to burn down a building and kill the people inside as ‘protestors’.

To anyone who has lived a little, as Kirk has will know these ‘protestors’ are nothing more than terrorists protected by a media core with political and commercial motives in mind.  Even if it does lead to burning bodies of fellow Americans trapped inside a government building.

Around 12 hours ago I Tweeted #ThankYouKirk but it strikes me that this isn’t enough for someone who, like Blind Mike, has the kahoona’s to go on the microphone and in front of the camera to challenge people on how the ‘real world’ really is.

To me, Kirk understands that the world is so complex no-one understands the world.  Why do people with well-paid jobs shoplift for the thrill of not being caught? Why is Brie Larson promoting the role of a feminist comic movie book character for a business which pays women less then men and billions of people fall for it?  Why in 2017 can millions of people protest peacefully for the #MeToo movement but when it comes to protesting for race relations just a few years later it quickly deteriorates into looting, arson and the murder of more innocent people?

I think Kirk understands that no one understands the world and that it’s hard to explain this to people without upsetting them.

Either way, listeners of his podcast need to do more to show their appreciation.  A few more hashtags added to Twitter doesn’t cut it.

So here is my suggestion, we buy Kirk a get well gift.  Something simple, from Amazon, delivered to his house.  I have no idea what.  Some people like Lego Star Wars, some dont.  Leave your suggestions on Twitter via the hashtag #ThankYouKirk

Yes, it may not be a surpise but its the thought that counts.