Brie Larson Fans Mean WAR…and Fail

So let me be clear.  I can’t stand Brie Larson.  When she was promoting her Captain Marvel movie which was touted as a feminist icon she Tweeted regularly about women’s rights and feminism.  Despite Disney, who owns Marvel paying women less than men.  With the company facing regular lawsuits from female employees over unequal pay.

To help promote her movie in China she also attended a famous fashion show in the country.  The same country that insisted Disney shrinks the image of black actor John Boyega on the poster for the Chinese release of The Force Awakens.  Another Disney movie that was released just a few years before Captain Marvel.


Yet when race riots start across America Larson decides that to start working for YouTube and create a YouTube channel which is miraculously automatically verified and monetised and make videos discussing race relations.

Ther’s no doubt when Captain Marvel 2 comes out Larson will be back in China to promote the movie.   The same country that evicted black people from their homes and blamed them for bringing coronavirus into the country.


Yet her fans are either stubborn or deluded.  Launching a live stream to compare the success of Brie Larson’s YouTube channel to that of a movie review channel which also heavily criticises Larson.

Now Larson’s channel does have 40,000 subscribers more than the movie review channel with 306,000.  But considering Jack Blacks YouTube account has 3.6 million subscribers Larson’s numbers are shit.  What’s worse, Larson’s third video has tanked horribly with only 88,000 views in 5 days.   Jack Black typically gets that in the first hour.

So trying to shame the movie review channel is actually a pretty stupid thing to do. Also considering Larson’s first video was placed on the trending list.  The list which is artificially controlled by YouTube.

Sometimes war backfires but it doesn’t end here.  Larson claims to be an avid Nintendo fan and following news that a Metroid Prime movie is in the works, Larson Tweeted that she would like to play the lead role.  A move that was mocked online with fans of Nintendo claiming she was falsely claiming to be a fan of the game.