Revenge is Not Always Sweet

As Carrabis report this looks as suspicious fuck but I don’t agree with revealing who the guy..especially if cheating is commonplace throughout baseball and has now been stamped out.

Also when many of the people who make decisions and pull the strings go unpunished.

But surely the MLB have to investigate this and ensure sign-stealing in no longer continuing.  As for revealing who this guy I am very much against that. It serves no purpose at this stage other than to seek revenge.

Like many things the Yankees will hope it can be brushed under the Coronavirus carpet and there are also claims that someone looking to perform teal time sign-stealing wouldn’t use a camera like this.

The best outcome is for the Yankees to come forwards and explain what took place.  Like Leeds United did when they were caught spying on their opponents during training.  Their manager Marcelo Bielsa held an hour rant presentation in which he explained how they were collecting vast amounts of data on their opponents and didn’t need to spy on their opponents in order to win.

Which just adds to the frustration of why some teams cheat.