Sex Toys On Barstool Sports…Have Your Say

The sex toy market has boomed over the last few months.  Think about, everyone is stuck at home.  Monada, a small sex toy company in England revealed demand for their products was up 200% but also claimed the United States sex toy industry could be up by as much as 75% due to the lockdown.

Already a $25 billion market in the U.S. and $75 billion globally, the sex toy industry is a huge market.

But should Barstool Sports sell sex toys?  Well, what better way than to hold a Twitter survey and this did surprise me.  After 146 votes there is only a nats hair separating the results.


At this stage, the decision from the fans could go either way.

Now it’s clear where the boundaries lie with sex toys.  For example, do they include gimp masks?

Butt its fair to say they have gone mainstream and less controversial than CBD oils.  At least in most countries.

Have your say!

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