Deadspin Love It When Thousands of People Risk Losing Their Jobs

The male writers at Deadspin woke up this morning with deformed dicks.  Now there’s a disaster only a small group people will suffer from.  But when it comes to professional sport being disrupted by a deadly pandemic it affects the livelihoods of tens of thousands of people.  Take the New York Mets for example, they have 250 full-time off the field employees, 110 seasonal interns and an incredible 1,200 gameday employees.  There’s only so many government payments any country can make and only so long a sports team can employ people unable to turn up for work.  Regardless, if it’s not their fault.

But fuck those people if you write for Deadspin.  So gleeful are Deadspin that peoples lives are being disrupted and many are losing their jobs the knobjockeys even felt the need to update their article.

This Seasons Is Already a Disaster [Updated]

An article mocking the MLB for restarting their league and expecting none of the players to catch coronavirus.  Following news that a total of 17 of 33 Miami Marlins players have tested positive for Coronavirus.

But fuck my ass with a lemonade stand what’s this.  Could it be an article from last week congratulating women’s soccer for managing to complete their season without being affected by coronavirus:

NWSL Restart a COVID-Free Success as Houston Dash Win Challenge Cup

So let me get this stupid bunch of dipshits right. They mock one sports league for attempting to restart their league and help save the jobs of tens of thousands of people but when another sports league finishes they congratulate them.

What shit for brains editor lets this stuff pass as plausible content.  Who are Deadspin to know what professional players will catch coronavirus, nodody does.  But that’s easy to say when your just writing bullshit reactions to events that have already taking place.

A meteorite smashes into the AT&T Stadium.

Deadspin article…Stupid Dallas Cowboys Build Their Stadium In Meteorite Path

Just fuck off Deadpsin.

We all want sports to return and stadiums to be full.  Not just for the thrill of normality but because thousands of peoples job rely upon it.

Not that the deformed bellends at Deadspin care.