Prediction, Hooliganz Will Move to the MetLife Stadium

At some point Hooliganz will get to big for the Barstool Sports head office.  It will have rosters of pro-standard gamers across various games including FIFA, NFL and various shooters with team members around the world.  But it will also have a dedicated hub somewhere in New York.  Hooliganz simply won’t fit in the Barstool head office and will need to move somewhere like the MetLife Stadium.

eSports is already going mainstream.  The prize fund for the Madden eSports tournament is due to top $1 million.  The Madden 19 bowl generated more than 2.5 million views and a peak audience of 97,000 spectators.  But to put it into context, Big Cat beat those numbers with Coach Duggs.


NFL pro Jay Ajayi who won the Superbowl with Philadelphia Eagles and now a free agent has crossed over to become a pro FIFA player by joining the Philadelphia Union eSports team.

More predictions…Pizza Hut, the NFL’s official pizza sponsor, also became EA’s official virtual stadium rights holder.  Pizza Hut will sponsor Hooliganz tying it all together.