Whatever You Say, Goomba? O/G Arrested

You remember the OK Boomer girl right, the socialist loving chick who shot to Internet stardom after making a video that got 40 million views and gained her 600,000 simp social media followers in 10 days.  Many of whom unfollowed her when they found out she has a boyfriend.

Well its turn out she’s been arrested on some sort of assault charge and forced to take anger management classes.  Now when it comes to this part I’m not going to make judgement calls because I don’t know the details.  It could be anything, her terrorising someone with domestic abuse or her being the victim.  But it hasn’t stopped her signing up with a major eSports network.


Miraculously she’s dropped the socialist shit after her hero got wasted by the leader of the free world. Now she live streams cooking shows and makes those annoying videos where the girl jumps into different clothes.  Someone who in her own words “I want to be a positive Latinx voice on the platform and I hope that I’ve made my family, friends and my twitch community proud!”.  The same girl who conveniently made a video proclaiming men donating money to women they have never met as a positive thing.  Young women becoming thots and financially supported by young men watching them play video games in a crop top who complain if the girl wears a jumper.  Wow, what a positive Latinx voice!

And what comes with it, she’s also an ‘inspiration’ to other girls who want to blow up online by copying her….ala Ok, Goomba.

Just fuck off.