Wilfried Zaha Reports 50 Further Accounts for Racist Abuse

Earlier this month we reported how multiple black English Premier League players were targeted by racist abuse and most notably Crystal Palace winger, Wilfried Zaha.  Zaha was targeted via Instagram by a 12-year old who was subsequently arrested by police.


However, Zaha has reported a further 50 accounts to police for similar cases for racist abuse.  Indicating that the police, social networks and Football Association are failing to protect black players from abuse.

“I’ve had racial abuse all my life but it’s a thing where for right now, I’ve got a platform where I feel like if I can make a change, I’ll try,”  said Zaha.

Zaha stated that he removed the Twitter app from his phone because he consistently received racist abuse each time he opened the app.

Responding to the abuse he received from a 12-year old Zaha stated:

“How is a 12-year-old even thinking about that? Where has that hate come from?” he added.

“I understand he’s a 12-year-old and it’s sad that it’s a 12-year-old, but you got to be held accountable for the things that you say.

“The stuff that you said to me, ain’t just ‘Yeah, you black this…’ This is Ku Klux Klan. I didn’t even know about that stuff at the age of 12.”