Deadspin Hate Immigrant Pro Athletes

Unlike other sports such as basketball, boxing and football which are dominated by black people, I can’t imagine many black kids want to grow up to play ice hockey professionally.

Just look at Tiger Woods and Lewis Hamilton. Black people can do incredibly well in all sports but some sports are heavily dominated by white people because young black people just don’t want to commit their lives to play those particular sports.

Yet because Deadspin are a bunch of dipshits they have taken issue with NHL bringing in foreign athletes into their teams.

It’s obviously awkward for the NHL and its players to find a way to join in on the Black Lives Matter movement and protests before and during their games. It’s an almost entirely white league, with a majority of players not even from this country

But this leaves me completely confused.  What do the dipshits at Deadspin want the NHL to do?  To grab a bunch of black people off the streets and force them to play ice hockey when they would rather be playing basketball or football?

Just what is the problem with NHL bringing the worlds most talented players into the country?  Is it because they are white, if so isn’t racist towards white immigrants?

Tiger Woods turned pro 24-years-ago.  When he burst onto the professional golf scene there was huge talk of other black young men joining him in pro golf tournaments.  But maybe other young black just don’t want to.  After all, Tiger Woods has shown that black people can go onto become greats of the game.  There is nothing stopping another black person repeating Woods success, or even doing better.

As adults we need to accept that certain sports are part of different racial cultures and there is nothing wrong with that.  After all, I haven’t seen Deadspin demand that India should forcibly import black and white people to participate in the countries second most popular sport, Kabaddi.  Just to ‘even up the numbers’. Under equality peoples similarities and differences are all equal.

The shitfest article, You’ll Never Believe This, but the NHL Whiffed on Its Protests, from Deadspin is also angry with NHL over their lack of commitment towards Black Lives Matter and goes onto claim that NHL will become a:

haven for the “All Lives Matter” crowd in sports.

But considering some polls have shown the belief that ‘All Lives Matter’ is more popular than the movement for Black Lives Matter its completely democratic for the NHL to focus on appealing to people who believe in All Lives Matter.  I think that is all the defence for democracy I need to provide.

The article also criticises the Bruins for using the term “Unity” to express their solidarity towards improving race relations.  As if to suggest “Unity” isn’t enough to deliver the racial equality needed in America.

Unity isn’t really what the rest of us are after. It’s an ingredient to what we’re after. Unity in understanding and rebelling against the racism against Black people see from police and society in general.

But this is where the dumb shits at Deadspin really show how stupid they are.

The full title for Martin Luther King Jr. day is “Marin Luther King Jr. Unity Day” in recognition of Martin Luther King Jr.’s call for unity between all races.

So when people say “All Lives Matter”, it’s just a continuation of Martin Luther King Jr.’s sentiment that…

“No one is free until we are all free”

It’s not hard to figure this stuff out.  You just need to keep your head whilst everyone else is losing theirs.

Clearly Deadspin need to get their act together or explain why “rebelling” which is short for looting, arson and rioting is more effective at improving race relations than the peaceful protests led by Martin Luther King Jr.