The Freakiest Barstool Sports FAN Sex Toy Survey Ever

Early on in the lockdown I saw an article based on how the sex toy industry has boomed with people stuck at home.  The industry is already worth $25 billion in the U.S. alone and is expected to see a 70% spike in sales from the pandemic.

So why not consider whether Barstool Sports should sell sex toys and what better way to find out if it has legs but by hosting a Twitter poll.  To which it transpires the Barstool Sports fan base is completely split:

barAs you can, after 221 votes the results came in as 50.2% no and 49.8% yes.  A slither of difference.  Freakishly close.

But I don’t want you focus just on these results.  With sex toys on sale at the site just think off all the extra traffic it will attract.  Sex addicts and general perverts from every corner of the globe will flock towards Barstool Sports.

Everyone is equal and in my view everyone is welcome.

But after careful consideration I don’t actually think Barstool Sports should start selling sex toys.  Sorry to everyone who voted yes.

But still, in my personal view everyone is welcome.