As If 2020 Wasn’t Bad Enough Already

So Hollywood is apparently chasing the services of eSports hero, Ninja.  I can’t stand this pugnacious prick and to think he saw a surge in his popularity thanks to a video game match against Drake just about says it all.  Partnering with a rapper who can’t sing for toffee without autotune just about sums up how fake this turd nipster is.

In an interview with a movie magazine Ninja says:

“Movies, voice acting, cartoons — I’m looking at everything.”

When someone says this they men “I have no real talent.  I’m finding  what I’m passible at or whoever will pay me the most”.

In the past, Hollywood looked for genuine actors.  People like James Stewart and Al Pacino.  People who could bring any character to life, someone able to create a buzz and a demand purely with their acting skills.  Now, they need someone with:

“a direct line to the next generation of superfans.”

You see, Hollywood wasn’t huge before Twitter and Twitch.

Oh shit, yes it was.  But Hollywood has given up and accepted that it is struggling to compete with new forms of entertainment in the era of interruption and short attention spans.


Many movies in recent years have bombed including Charlies Angels, Hell Boy. Terminator: Dark Fate and X-Men: Dark Phoenix.  Once staples of box office success have succumb to the surging of popularity of gaming and eSports

Which is what Hollywood will tell you.  The real answer is because they are shit movies.

Hiring Ninja to star in and promote their movies won’t help if a lorry load of Hollywood celebrities couldn’t help X-Men.  Also, considering Avengers: Endgame waltzed home with $2.5 billion last year it shows people will turn out at the cinema if you actually give them what they want.

Good acting.

No one will hurt Hollywood more than a streak of piss with purple hair and a bandana.